Q & A

I know that this is usually the first question asked..Why call the PALM Doula Training ‘Birthbosses’?

Good question!! Whether you are a PALM Doula or still in training
you are a powerful force working with pregnant/laboring/postpartum
families. You are teaching these families to also be powerful and ‘in
charge’ of their pregnancy/birth/post-partum recovery. Don’t we all
want to be educated, feel in control and ‘in charge’ just like ‘a boss!’

What is a Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM)?

A PALM Doula is there with the pregnant Mother/Couple from start
to finish depending on the specific needs of that Mother/Couple.
From utilizing methods of Touch/Massage Therapy to specific Positional
Release positions to help to soothe, and release areas of tension,
discomfort and stress. Also, during the process of Labor,
Touch/Massage Therapy/Positional Release methods are used to help
reduce the discomfort, stress of labor, and create the needed pelvic
space for childbirth.

What is the Role of the Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) with the Pregnant Mother-to-be?

A PALM Doula works with and educates the pregnant Mother-to-be
from the time of conception (or when Mother-to-be contracts with
you) to the result of Labor. PALM Doulas are patient, knowledgeable
about each stage of pregnancy, specific ‘Touch’ massage aspects of
pregnancy and each stage of labor. PALM Doulas are able to ‘listen’
with non-judgement.

A Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula can help:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue that a Pregnant Mother-to-be may
  • Create powerful intuition in the pregnant body through massage.
  • Create more confidence with the oncoming aspect of Labor.
  • Create a shorter and more encouraging labor experience.
  • Create ‘teamwork’ with Mother-to-be and partner.
  • Create a confident partner with teaching soothing and helpful
    hands on massage techniques.
  • Create a peaceful birthing environment.
  • Create options with position, hands on massage techniques, to
    reduce stress and discomfort through the stages of pregnancy and
  • A PALM Doula is an advocate for Mother-to-be and partner
    especially during the labor process.

What if I am already a Midwife and or a Doula?

The PALM Doula Training course can be considered a advanced
course for already certified Midwives and Doulas.

I am a Massage Therapist/Bodyworker/Somatic Practioner. What can the PALM Doula course offer me?

Good question! The PALM Doula course will advance your skills and
offer another career alternative for ‘all’ in the Touch/Health field.

How long is the Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula Training?

The PALM Doula Training is 3 full days (8 Hours each day). Each day
starts approx. at 8:00 a.m. with a morning and afternoon break and a 1
hour lunch. The day approximately ends at 6:00 p.m.

How much is the Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) Training?

The 3-day PALM Training if paid 30 days prior to training date (early
bird) is $675.00. If payment is made 30 days or less to training date the
cost is then $725.00 (regular rate). This includes in your 3-day training
the PALM manual, drinks and snacks. Of course, lots of support!! If you
have special dietary concerns than it will be up to you to provide the
drinks and food that you can eat.

Once I complete the 3-day PALM Doula Training will I than be a Certified Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula?

Once the 3-day training is complete than there are steps to be done
to complete full certification. We give you 2 years to complete the
process and we encourage you to continue and finish your certification.
A PALM Doula is an exciting and fulfilling career and we want you to
succeed! (Please check out the section “Steps to Certification’)

Once the 3-day training is complete do I earn C.E.U.’s?

Yes, once you have completed the ‘full’ 3-day training (8 hours each
day) than you will than have earned 24 Continuing Education Units.

Can I work with families once I complete the 3-day training or do I have to wait for when I complete my PALM Certification?

No, you CAN work with families once you complete the 3-day
training. However, you cannot put on a card nor say that you are yet a
Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) until you have completed
the 3-day training and the ‘Steps to Certification’. This question will also
be gone over during the PALM Training.

Can I charge the families I work with even though I haven’t completed my full PALM Certification yet?

Yes! You may charge for your services while going through the PALM
Certification. This question will be gone over during the 3-day PALM

**All other questions of course will be gone over during the 3-day Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula Training course. Additional questions can be asked anytime by just contacting me at Robin@Birthbosses.com