The Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) Professional strives to work with expecting families during the prenatal, labor and postnatal periods with the desire to educate, support and to see all families succeed. It is important as a Professional to have a solid foundation and commitment such as:

  • To have a positive mental attitude.
  • To approach all situations with a loving, non-judgmental mindset.
  • Use evidence based information in practice.
  • To use local resources as additional support to build a groundwork of education for prenatal and postnatal families and other healthcare professionals.

It is understood that each Professional has a different approach, method and style. Birthbosses creates a foundation of education to incorporate to meet the needs of their community and to teach the curriculum that best matches their skill set. Professionals are taught to utilize a variety of techniques and skills, and coping strategies that are both evidence based and personalized.

Birthbosses first and foremost understands that the human body is designed to support pregnancy and to give birth safely. As a Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) Professional the women that you work with will gain information that they need and a supportive environment through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum without unnecessary and unwanted interventions. Families need education to understand their options, they should be able to make decisions that reflect their healthcare needs and their personal values.

Birthbosses believes that all women have the right to make informed decisions regarding their options through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum. Birthbosses supports and encourages families to choose healthcare providers and the place of birth that most reflects and supports their values and needs. It is important that as a Professional you are providing unbiased information. The Birthbosses program encourages families to choose healthcare providers and the place of birth that most reflects and supports their needs.

It is recognized that women have the right to be with those they love and trust during the prenatal and post-natal period. A woman’s emotional support team is as vital to her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience as her healthcare team. Research has shown that women accompanied by a support team during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum do have better outcomes and a general higher satisfaction with their experiences.