About Us

Birthbosses offers another avenue for already Certified Massage Therapists, Doulas, Midwives, Nurses (all others in the ‘Touch’ health field) to work and excel in. Birthbosses already knows and recognizes how powerful ‘Touch’ can be. Working as a professional Pregnancy and Labor Massage Doula and or a Postpartum Massage Doula creates another career option to work in.

  • As a Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula (PALM) Professional it is the aim to work with pregnant mothers (couples) to facilitate connection with their bodies for the future progression of pregnancy/ labor and what it will entails.
  • As a PALM Professional you use only evidence based information in practice.
  • As a PALM Professional you embrace a positive mental attitude.
  • As a PALM Professional you approach all situations with a loving, non-judgmental mindset.
  • As a PALM Professional you build bridges around support and healthcare professionals.
  • As a PALM Professional you will learn to teach intuitiveness, empowerment, connection, mindfulness, and options to the pregnant mother(couple).

Birthbosses is Affiliated with Childbirth Professionals International (CPI) in Sacramento, California.

Together we are providing a 3 day Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula Training Program for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and anyone in the “Touch Health” field.

  • As a PALM Professional you will work with and instruct the partner how to safely, with various simple massage techniques work with pregnant mother.
  • As a PALM Professional you will learn to be an important support for the postpartum mother (family) when baby arrives home.
  • As a PALM Professional you will support the right of families to make informed decisions about pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, as well as breastfeeding.
  • As a PALM Professional you will educate families with tools to help them progress forward with confidence into parenthood.


Mission Statement

Robin Shatz- Owner/Trainer

Birthbosses wants to increase the number of trained prenatal and post-natal professionals. To open another well needed avenue for not only Massage Therapists, Midwives, Doulas (others I the ‘Touch’ health field) as a whole but to create more professional availability for the ever increasing prenatal and post-natal families that need this service.

Birthbosses not only provides excellent training opportunities for prenatal and post-natal professionals, we also offer the required Continued Education Units (CEU’s) in the prenatal and labor /post-natal fields to help our PALM professionals grow and keep certifications current.

Birthbosses would like to see the vision of Pregnancy and Labor Massage Doulas & Postpartum Massage Doulas, become a reality in the U.S. and around the world.

Check out our Birthbosses Professional Training Page for more information including upcoming class dates, costs and more.

“Nothing is better than the comfort of ‘Touch’ especially during pregnancy and labor”