Birthbosses- def; Those that are trained to be in charge, assist and educate pregnant Mothers-To-Be/Partners/Family.

PALM Doula- def; Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula

This positive, educational training program combines Childbirth Education, Massage and Positional Release methods (as well other modalities and hands-on methods) to relieve discomfort and pain. You will learn to be a confident ‘Coach’ and Doula working with pregnant Mothers-to-be and their Partners and Family through conception to Labor and beyond.

Birthbosses is also affiliated with Childbirth Professionals International (CPI) and together we are providing a 3 day Prenatal and Labor Massage Doula Training course (24 C.E.U.’s). YES CERTIFICATION!! Birthbosses recognizes how important the power of ‘Touch’ works with pregnant Mothers-To-Be/Partners/Families, it is the focus of this program to educate families to- Be in control, Be in charge, Be your own Birthboss family!.

Please read on, check out our website and if you have any questions I am happy to answer them! Come join the adventure of becoming a ‘Birthboss’, YOU won’t regret it!! You DO have more to offer!